This is a story that happened in England. There is a lonely old man, no son no daughter, but also frail, he decided to move to the nursing home. The old man announces the sale of his beautiful house. The buyer heard the news. The home price is £ 80,000, but people will soon throw it to £ 100,000. The price is still rising. The old man is full of melancholy, yes, if it is not healthy, he will not sell the house to spend most of his life with the house.

A plain young man came to the eyes of the old man, bent down and whispered: Sir, I would like to buy this house, but I only have 1 million pounds. However, if you sell my house to me, I promise to let you still live here, and I drink tea, read newspapers, walk, every day will be happy, believe me, I will use the whole heart to take care of you! The old man nodded and smiled and sold the house to him at a price of £ 10,000.

Since then, young and old people in the yard, put on a folding table, chatting with tea.