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Camping Benefits

Camping is an entertaining activity and very favorite among families,

youngsters and couples all over the world.The campers leave their home

region and enjoy nature while spending one or several days outdoor.

Camping involves the use of tent or caravan.Camping has many varied


Camping trips with family can make great holidays.They are fun ,

exciting and relaxing . Near to home camping trips can serve as a great

source of fun and quality family time consuming much less time and other

resources as compared to far from home camping.Below mentioned are the few reasons why close to home camping provides ideal vacation.

When we go camping, we will definitely bring the following equipment: folding tables, barbecue grills, outdoor folding chairs.etc. Only when the equipment is complete can we enjoy the fun of camping and spend time with our families.

With our products, take you to the peak of camping.

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Old man and youth

This is a story that happened in England. There is a lonely old man, no son no daughter, but also frail, he decided to move to the nursing home. The old man announces the sale of his beautiful house. The buyer heard the news. The home price is £ 80,000, but people will soon throw it to £ 100,000. The price is still rising. The old man is full of melancholy, yes, if it is not healthy, he will not sell the house to spend most of his life with the house.

A plain young man came to the eyes of the old man, bent down and whispered: Sir, I would like to buy this house, but I only have 1 million pounds. However, if you sell my house to me, I promise to let you still live here, and I drink tea, read newspapers, walk, every day will be happy, believe me, I will use the whole heart to take care of you! The old man nodded and smiled and sold the house to him at a price of £ 10,000.

Since then, young and old people in the yard, put on a folding table, chatting with tea.

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《Scavenge father》

The 30-year-old son had a quarrel with his father and stood on the road where he was walking and looked at the roadside barbecue.He thought of his childhood.

One day,when his father was a cleaner,and his 6-year-old  son helped his father clean his house and stated at the barbecue stall,refusing to go on a tricycle.The father understood what his son mean.He took out his pocket,took out five cents,bought two strings of lamb for his son ,and the son happily ate on the tricycle.The son driving home,found that the father is packing up littler in the area of the bin,the son get off,invite father to fish,the son took out of the car is convenient folding BBQ table,fishing chair.

The father eat fish from his son,father's face is covered with tears. 

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Picnic table

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camping with family


Living close to the outdoors is fun,

especially for city people.

Most people who go camping want to be entirely on their own.

Some want to fish or to hunt.

Some want to hike, ride horseback, swim, or go canoeing.

The question of where to go is the first priority.

A good rule about clothing is that it should be comfortable and not easily torn.

Food should be the kinds that will not spoil easily.

A good camper always carries a compass and no camper should be without a first-aid kit.

Many new inventions make camping easier.

There are boats that are very light in weight.

There are tents that can be opened up like umbrellas,

mattresses that can be blown up like balloons,

and sleeping bags that make blankets unnecessary.

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Barbecue is an exciting outdoor activity.Choose a sunny day,go out with family and friends.Bought a piece of pork, two fish and some vegetables.Enjoy the delicious food and sunshine.

When I was a child, I once went camping with my family in the summer. We decided to make a barbecue in the valley. So we collected some tree sticks to make a fire. My father asked me if I could try to make a fire.

I was glad to take the job. Then I tried to set fire to the wood with a match, but produced only smoke. Then my father said, "That’s not the right way. I’ll show you how to do it. First use the small pieces of wood because they catch fire easily. Then put the larger ones on top of them."My father helped me make a big fire.Finally I was very happy and eat a lot.

It's really an impressive experience.